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Witness the impact of your support at Maratane Camp. Every child deserves a chance. Join us in shaping brighter tomorrows.

Christmas Message, Obra De Maria

The Christmas message they recorded together not only conveyed their best wishes for the festive season but also highlighted the essence of our partnership. We are truly grateful to have someone so talented and committed on our team. May this partnership continue to grow and prosper in the coming year. We wish you, Obra De Maria, and all our followers, a joyful Christmas and a fulfilling New Year.

Semeadore de Maratane Mozambique


Maratane Camp and Natiti village

Semeadores De Maratane has been helping an average of 800 people in Maratane Camp and Natiti Village, Our team led by our Missionary Bita Sumaili performs feeding missions to these people, distributed on different days, bringing a sense of fellowship and unity.

Semeadores de Maratane
Semeadores de Maratane Brazil


Rio Grande do Norte

Municipality of Rodolfo Fernandes – Community of Absentees How we raise funds: We gather funds, donations and offers through social awareness.

We are currently working with Facebook Social Networks, Semeadores De Maratane (África) and Semeadores de Maratane (Brazil), in addition to Instagram, in search of your support for our projects.



In our program, we have many projects in mind, but for that, we also need your support. If you want to help do so. If you are interested in an initiative, contact one of our members. We will provide you with full details. For instance, you can assist publicly or anonymously.

Semeadores Africa


Healthier Meals

Maratane Camp, is one of the poorest regions in the world. Our primary focus is on supporting basic nutrition, health, education, and safety.

Semeadores Africa


Clean Water

We will build an artesian well to bring the water with sufficient pressure to automatically push the water to the soil surface.

Semeadores Africa



The Health Project’s mission is to seek, evaluate, promote and disseminate high-quality health promotion and disease prevention programs.


What are their saying

"Two years ago, during the most critical period of the pandemic, one night I thanked God that I lived in a country that had many resources and help for the families that were victims of Covid. Then I felt God asking me to move beyond thought into words. I understood little and went to sleep. The next day, I saw a post on a friend's social network about Mission Afrique, Semeadores de Maratane. There I understood what God was asking me, and soon I came into contact with Semeadores' team, Today, I am involved in Mission Africa and Mission Brazil. It's great to know that thanks to my donation and that of other participants,We are changing the lives of a lot of kids and families. And here is my request, if you know how blessed your life is and also want to make a concrete gesture of recognition that you are a privileged child of God, because you have everything you need, help those who do not even have the basic conditions and would need to live with dignity. We have many dreams and projects for these brothers and sisters of ours, but we need your help. Contact us and find out how you can help us. Thank you very much, may God reward you.

James Willem

"Two years ago, during the pandemic, I felt compelled to help families affected by Covid. I got involved with Mission Africa and Semeadores de Maratane. Now, through donations, we're changing lives. If you're blessed, consider helping those in need!"

V. B.

"I am overjoyed to be part of the Sponsorship project. Witnessing the impact it has on families is truly indescribable. Today, they enjoy greater dignity, with food on the table and clothes to wear. May God bless this project and sustain our ability to help those in need."

N. B. M.

"I discovered the Semeadores De Maratane Project through a friend's Facebook post. The impact of their work moved me deeply, and I eagerly joined. Coordinator Marcelo explained the process, and it was the most beautiful 'yes' I've ever said. Being able to help others is a blessing. With God's grace, I now sponsor a handicapped child and families in both Africa and Brazil through the Semeadores de Maratane Project. It's an act of love."


Monthly Meals

Maratane Camp, Africa Another mission, in which children gather to enjoy another meal provided by Semeadores de Maratane, thanks to all your donations.

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Be Part of our mission

Maratane Camp in Mozambique is a place where families confront unimaginable challenges daily. Their struggle to meet basic needs is relentless, and their futures remain uncertain. Yet, amidst this adversity, a beacon of hope shines.

Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil, You're doing an incredible thing, helping struggling families in in this part of the world, get the basics they need to support their loved ones.

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Empowering Lives: The Impact of Volunteer Sponsors at Semeadores de Maratane

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